Your Limited Budget and Risk

We at AGMA understand that you need to limit your risk and that you have a finite budget to work with.

Before you decide to do this, it is important for you to understand what you want to get out of this (money, presence, face, corporate image) and how patient with the time you can afford to be?

If you are not sure about how much you need to make in revenue, vs. Profit, and if you do not know how long you are willing to wait to break even, then we suggest that you wait until you do know before making this investment.

Choosing Your Package Level

​You are unique.  No company is your company with your viewpoint, experiences, and resources.  This is why each package is custom designed to fit you and your business goal.




US FEDERAL TAX ID: 27-084-2593

Do you want to be presented and approachable in the USA without establishing a whole new branch? Do you want to expand your small or medium-sized business without taking big financial risks?

With the American Global Management Association (AGMA) you have your easy shortcut to getting started in doing business in the USA.  Whether you want to have a legal representative office or jump right in and get started, AGMA has your short path to success!

With AGMA, you have a trusted sustainable partner. We've been around for over 6 years and we've confident to provide you all services which are The Easy First Steps for Business in the USA! And, our most important win is making you a happy, life-long customer. ​​

  • Legal Representative Office for your company in the USA during the contract time.
  • Legal announcements of your logo, brand and trademark is represented by the American Global Management Association ( AGMA, USA). These announcements go to the local newspaper for one week, as legally required in the city which you are represented in or the city which is your company address.  We will also post on a paid advertisement on Craigs List for that market only.  This satisfies legal requirements in the USA.
  • Provide you the AGMA Legal Representative Office Certificate.
  • Full optional package of virtual office included receptionist, mail box, telephone line, table and even meeting room wherever you can choose in West Coast or East Coast on your cost decision. Especially register for you a USA Phone number you can answer from Vietnam.
  • Business Cards with the AGMA Rep Office Logo on your card along with your USA address provided to you by AGMA.
  • Provide services to you 20hrs/month, it means 5hrs/week also included the consultancy services, market research, banker credit analysis, networking and the like. (Details work out together)
  • Easy Out: if you want to stop being represented at any time for any reason, you send an email to AGMA and we remove your company right away.
  • You have the option to transition to your own 100% fully owned American corporation with tax ID, License, and USA bank account, office and the like at any time.